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The Church Where You Matter

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Sunday Open Church 5:00 PM

Tuesday Faithbuilders 7:00 PM

On the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM we have a fellowship supper, worship and ministry. Bring a side or dessert and come join us! We eat together, worship and minister to one another.

Our other Sunday meetings consist of worship, teaching from the Word of God and ministry to one another.Our Tuesday meetings are a simple time of coming together, sharing what is on our hearts and ministering to each other.

Welcome to the website of Grace Restoration Church in Augusta, GA. Grace Restoration Church is a Spirit-filled, Bible believing fellowship. We believe that the Holy Spirit works as powerfully today as ever.

Worship. Word. Ministry. Three simple yet powerful words. At Grace Restoration Church we are about simplicity. Who said church had to be so complicated? We worship God. We teach the Word of God. We minister.

If you are looking for a church home where you will be loved and encouraged come join us. Maybe you need a place to rest and refresh? A place to recharge your batteries, so to speak. A place where you can leave a little bit better than when you arrived. At GRC we recognize that biblically, while we do, of course, minister to each other in our meetings the majority of our time is spent away from church meetings bringing the light of Jesus Christ into the places where we live and work. Our corporate time together should be a time of worship and edification but also a time to help and encourage us to live life and glorify God in the process.

In each meeting you have the opportunity to come to know and interact with the other people present. You share one another's struggles and victories. You become a part of a family. You are valued as part of the body of Christ. Your presence, or lack therof, has a real effect on the meeting.

We are now meeting at the facilities of Abundant Living Word Church, 1021 Patriot's Way, right across from Westside High School.

Grace Restoration Church
PO Box 211662
Augusta, GA 30917

1021 Patriot's Way
Augusta, GA 30907

Questions? Comments? Email us at

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